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The 6th “Leadership” Day of Christmas – The Gift of Creativity

When I thought about “six geese a-laying,” in the context of today’s post, I envisioned something like the image to the left. Six geese, sitting on their eggs, patiently doing what they need to do to nurture their eggs. In the end, that isn’t entirely different from people sitting in a meeting trying to nurture ideas that will help them solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity.

Today’s assignment.  Ask yourself:

  • How often do I tap the immense creativity of the Lord?  After all, He is the Creator!
  • How often do I tap the enormous creativity of my team?
  • In what areas do we most need creative thoughts and ideas now?
  • How can I nurture and apply my team’s creativity more frequently?
  • What could I do right now?

No ministry can thrive without creativity unless you conceive of a ministry without problems, challenges, barriers, obstacles, or opportunities.

One of our sacred roles as a leader is to believe in and draw out the often-latent creativity of our team members. Ask them for their ideas, encourage them to try things, and create an environment where mistakes are seen as stepping-stones to progress.

Great things will happen when you act on the answers to your questions for today. First, you will get new ideas, a renewed team energy, and solutions to problems.  Second, less obvious but just as important, you will build the confidence and worth of your team members as they see themselves providing an even more meaningful contribution to the team’s success.

And that is a truly great gift to give.

Written by Stan Ponz
Dr. Stan Ponz is founder and president of Make It Clear Ministries (a national ministry that began in 1973 to help people take the Gospel and the Word of God into every person's world!). Stan also serves as President of Clarity Christian College. and is married to his high school sweetheart Carol, who led him to the Lord in 1966.